Ancient Abydos (Abdou) [This] in Egypt
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Ancient Abydos (Abdjou) [This]

Abydos: Artistic depiction of the God Osiris (Ancient Egypt) [Discovery Channel Canada]

Abydos lies in the eighth nome of Upper Egypt about 300 miles south of Cairo on the western side of the Nile and about 9.5 miles from the river. It spreads over 5 square miles and contains archaeological remains from all periods of ancient Egyptian history. It was significant in historical times as the main cult center of Osiris - the lord of the netherworld - since the Middle Kingdom (2000 BC). Abydos was an important necropolis since the early Naqada Period with elite burials since Naqada IIC/D and tombs of the kings of Dynasty 0-2. It had become the Mecca of Pharaonic Egypt .....

Isis, wife of Osiris, searched far and wide, as legend goes, to search for the remains of Osiris (Ancient Egypt) [Discovery Channel Canada]

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