Ancient Achzib (Greek Ecdippa) in Lebanon
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Ancient Achzib (Greek Ecdippa) [Lebanon]

Achzib was an ancient Phoenician seaport that crowded the shoreline nine miles north of Acre. The tribe of Asher was assigned the area but failed to take over the city.

Excavators opened shaft and pit tombs in the southern and eastern cemeteries where four hundred bodies had been cremated and interred in the course of three hundred years -- from the tenth to the end of the eighth centuries BC.

In the northern part of the mound a forty meter long trench revealed a Middle Bronze Age rampart fortification which had been destroyed in the beginning of the Late Bronze Age. The city was rebuilt and in the Iron Age level were ruins of a number of public buildings in one of which were numerous jars standing side by side. Some bore Aramaic inscriptions such as To my Lord the King .....


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