Ancient Alaca Hoyuk in Turkey
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Ancient Alaca Hoyuk

Alaca Hoyuk is north of Bogazkale on the road to Corum and was the center of the flourishing Hattian culture during the Bronze Age. The magnificent Hattian gold and bronze objects in the Museum of Anatolian Civilization in Ankara were found in the Royal Tombs of this period. All the standing remains at Alaca Hoyuk however such as the Sphinx Gate date from the Hittite period.

As a result of the investigations and excavations which were carried out four cultural layers were determined in the mound which was a scene of settlements from the Chalcolitic Age to the present without any interruptions. These layers which covered the Chalcolitic, Old Bronze, Hititte and Phrygian periods are divided into 15 architectural levels between them. Accordingly they are:

Calcholitic Age : 4000 - 3000 BC layers 15-9
Old Bronze Age : 3000 - 2000 BC layers 8-5
Hittite Period : 1800 - 1200 BC layers 4-2
Phrygian Period : from 750 BC on layer 1


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