Ancient Amrit (Greek Marathos) in Syria
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Ancient Amrit (Greek Marathos)

Town in Latakia Province on the Mediterranean Sea 30 miles north of Tripoli. Founded by colonists from Phoenicia in the second millennium BC, it is today the site of the only well preserved Phoenician temple in the world .....

Amrit is a dependency of Arwad. It served as a mainland suburb for the Arwadians on their island stronghold. In the 3rd century BC under the Seleucids the colony made an attempt to free itself from the domination of the Arwadians but the people of Arwad had no hesitation in destroying the town which had served them for more than a thousand years. In it there are two strange monuments and are sorts of towers or landmarks. One of them pyramid-shaped and the other phallic. At the foot of these monuments and round about, tombs and burial vaults have been carved out of the rock. The biggest of them probably belonged to the kings of Arwad and to the rich families of Amrit-Marathos .....

AMRIT (Jerzy Strzelecki FOTOGRAFIE)

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