Ancient Arvad (Arwad) [Arados] in Syria
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Ancient Arvad (Arwad) [Arados]

Greek Arados : Phoenician Arvad : an island in the eastern Mediterranean off the Syrian coastal town of Tartus. Originally settled by the Phoenicians in the early 2nd millennium BC it formed an excellent base for their commercial operations into both the Orontes Valley and the hinterland as far as the Euphrates and also to Egypt. Arwadian soldiers fought against the Egyptians at the Battle of Kadesh (circa 1299 BC). From the eighth century until 625 BC it was under Assyrian rule and then to the rule of the Babylonians in 604 and to the Persians in 539. Its fleet fought against the Greeks at the Battle of Salamis in 480. It was not until Roman times that the island declined and lost its commercial power to Antaradus (Tartus) .....

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This is the only island in Syria and it is located 3 kilometers from Tartus. It was an independent kingdom named Arwad in the days of the Canaanites. It was often mentioned in inscriptions because of its importance in commerce and seafaring. Arwad provided shelter for those escaping from foreign invasions in ancient times, especially for the people of Amrit in the south of Tartus .....

Arwad Arwad

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