Ancient Tall-i-Bakun in Fars Province (Iran)
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Ancient Tall-i-Bakun

Air Map of Prehistoric Tall-i-Bakun With A Partly Excavated (Top) and B (Bottom) [Oriental Institute]

Three kilometers south of Persepolis lies the prehistoric site of Tall-i-Bakun which consists of two flat hillocks ..... The main deposits of the western hill produced a large quantity of ceramics with unusually beautiful painted patterns dating mostly to the fourth millennium BC. A great wealth of designs and variations are seen in this cream-colored ware. These vessels manifest a remarkable artistic balance between geometric ornament and animal design. Besides these pottery vessels numerous painted clay figurines of humans and animals were discovered. Other ceramic objects consisted of scrapers ..... In addition to this vast amount of pottery there were large quantities of knives - blades - copper daggers ......

The Prehistoric Mound Of Tall-i-Bakun
[Oriental Institute of Chicago]

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