Ancient Beth-Shan (Hellenistic Scythopolis) in Israel
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Ancient Beth-Shan

Beth-shan (aerial) showing Tell Beth-Shan upper right and the Roman city lower left (Photo by Hanan Isachar)

Town in northeast Palestine 19 miles southeast of Nazareth. One of the oldest settlements in ancient Palestine - Beth-Shan shows evidence of having been inhabited in the fourth millennium BC. It has always been of importance because of its strategic location. King David took Beth-Shan from the Philistines. The Assyrians - Scythians - Ptolemies of Egypt and the Seleucids all held it in later years. After the conquest of Palestine by the Romans in 64 BC Beth-Shan was one of the 10 cities of the Decapolis - a confederation of Greek cities formed for protection against the Jews and Arabs .....

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