Chalcolithic Choga Mami in Iran
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Chalocolithic Choga Mami

Irrigation canals were introduced during the Choga Mami phase approximately contemporary with early examples in the Mandali Plain to the northwest at the site of Choga Mami itself. Well over 90% of all subsequent sites on the Deh Luran Plain in Iran are suggested to have been located on canals .....

The introduction of irrigation, new types of grain, foreign ceramic styles and domestic cattle are all located in the Choga Mami phase, a late manifestation of the Samarran Period in lowland Mesopotamia. This chronological identification thus also suggests the source of these innovations: migration from the lowlands ......

The Chogha Mami phase had a few small village clusters with small irrigated areas where people grew wheat and barley; herded sheep, goats, and some cows; and hunted gazelles and other wild fauna. Some canals reached more than five kilometers in length, which would require the cooperative labor of larger groups .....

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