The Deh Luran Plain in SW Iran
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Deh Luran Plain

The Deh Luran Archaeological Project [The University of Michigan]

An area along the foothills of the Zagros Mountains in modern southwestern Iran, the Deh Luran Plain is a small and arid valley covering only 940 square kilometers and was the focus of research designed to evaluate various hypotheses about the development of agriculture, of early villages and towns, and the first complex societies.

Deh Luran Plain is a marginal place from the perspective of the literate urban elite of Greater Mesopotamia. It was home to many ancient cities. These cities were the homes of the nomadic tribes during their transition into an agricultural people. Bus Mordeh was the first of the ancient cities. On these plains archeologists have found evidence of agriculture, irrigation, domesticated animals such as goats, and obsidian tools. The chronology is more fine-grained than those customary in Mesopotamian archaeology .....

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The Deh Luran Archaeological Project [The University of Michigan]

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