Ancient Tel Dor in Israel
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Ancient Tel Dor

Front Wall of the Monumental Persian Period Building (Cornell University)

Tel Dor was one of the most important cities in ancient Israel from the Biblical through the Byzantine Periods. It is located fifteen miles south of Haifa and just eight miles north of Caesarea. It has one of the few good natural ports along the coast of Israel and was a crossroads between the Mediterranean cultures to the west and those of the ancient Near East in all periods. This multi-culturalism is reflected in the rich finds which the site has produced. Excavations at the site begun in 1980 .....

A massive city wall from the Hellenistic period defended the city. The Persian Period is represented by blocks of private housing and purple dye installations. The Iron II Phoenician town has yielded an impressive series of gateways. Iron I material of the Sea Peoples town includes a possible bread kneading trough and monumental public building .....

Established as a regional capital by Solomon it was conquered by the Assyrians in 732 B.C. and became the capital of the Assyrian province of Duru. During the Hellenistic period the city was an important fortress and commercial centre. It continued to serve in this capacity through the Roman period .....

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