Ancient Biblical Tell Dothan in Israel
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Ancient Biblical Tell Dothan

View of the Tell Dothan excavations taken during the 1960 season (Dothan Publication Project)

Tell Dothan is located in the northern Samaria Hills on the eastern side of the Dothan Valley some 22 kilometres north of Shechem and 10 kilometres south of Jenin. Rising approximately 60 metres above the surrounding valley Dothan is a prominent mound that is composed of nearly 15 metres of stratified remains on top of a natural hill of some 45 metres high. The site has a fairly flat top with steeply sloping sides. The summit comprises approximately 10 acres and the occupied area of the slopes includes another 15 acres. Its area of occupation therefore consists of approximately 25 acres .....

Tell Dothan has been identified with the biblical city of the same name mentioned in Genesis 37 as the place where Joseph found his brothers during their wanderings with their father's flocks. During the period of the monarchy Dothan is described as a well-fortified city to which the Aramean king sent emissaries in search of the prophet Elisha .....

The site was excavated by Dr. Joseph Free

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