Ancient Godin Tepe in Iran
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Ancient Godin Tepe

Reconstructed remains of Period V at Godin Tepe in the late 4th millenium BC (Images From History) [University of Alabama at Birmingham]

Archaeological site in what is now Iran showing the earliest (circa 3500 - 3100 BC) known evidence of beer production. The site is an Elamite village in the Zagros mountains and the chemical evidence of beer was identified in a ceramic vessel from this site, including tannin and tartrate crystals .....

Selected Excerpts on Godin Tepe

The Uruk Expansion: Cross Cultural Exchange
in Early Mesopotamian Civilization

Guillermo Algaze (OI) [JSTOR] Current Anthropology
Volume 30 - No. 5 (Dec 1989) - Pages 571-608

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