Ancient Tell Halif (Kibbutz Lahav) in Israel
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Tell Halif (Kibbutz Lahav)

The 7 acre site of Tell Halif lies near Kibbutz Lahav at the northern edge of the Negev Desert. Occupied from the Chalcolithic period to modern times the site has yielded significant remains from an Early Bronze Age settlement as well as from the Late Bronze Age when the site was largely under Egyptian influence as well as the Israelite Period of Iron Age II and the late Roman and Byzantine Periods when the region was the scene of Jewish and Christian resettlement after the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. The site has been variously identified with biblical Ziklag, Hormath and Rimmon .....

Tell Halif is a medium sized tell with a history of occupation from late Chalcolithic to 20th century Kibbutz Lahav (Tell Halif Persian Figurines Database) [Cobb Institute of Archaeology] (Mississippi State University)

Tell Halif Persian Figurines Database 9Cobb Institute of Archaeology) [Mississippi State University]

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