Ancient Haseva (Hatzeva) [Biblical Tamar] in Israel
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Ancient Ein Haseva (Hatzeva) [Biblical Tamar]

Ein Hatzeva: An Israelite Fortress on the Border with Edom

Remains of several Israelite fortresses at Ein Hatseva are located on a low hill in the Arava Valley some 35 kilometres south of the Dead Sea. The spring (ein) a source of fresh water in this desert region and the strategic position of the hill at the intersection of the main Arava road and the Negev-Edom road were the reasons for the building of consecutive fortresses on this spot over the course of about 1000 years. Each fortress served as the military and administrative center for the region as well as a caravan station.

The ruins of Hatseva had already been surveyed at the beginning of the century and identified as the Biblical Tamar and as the Roman Tamara .....

Ezekiel 48:28: The border shall be even from
Tamar unto the waters of strife in Kadesh

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Ein Hatzeva: An Israelite Fortress on the Border with Edom

Source: The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Google Cache

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