The Hittites (Hatti) of Ancient Anatolia
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Hittites (Land of Hatti)

Selected Excerpts on the Hittites

Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times
Donald Redford (Prince University) 1992
Library of Congress # DT 82.5 P19 R43

The Kingdom of the Hittites by Trevor Bryce
(Oxford University Press) 1998

During the second millennium BC a group of people known as the Hittites, who spoke an Indo-European language, ruled over the Land of Hatti, in central and eastern Anatolia, that peninsula which is modern Turkey. They had displaced the previous occupants, the Hattians, and ruled from the city of Hattusas near the modern Boghazkoy in northern central Turkey, possibly as early as 1900 BC. Much of the Cappadocian plateau was under their control through satellite kingdoms before 1800 BC and they enjoyed a thriving trade with the Assyrians .....

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