Neolithic Homs (Emesa) in Syria
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Ancient Homs (Roman Emesa)

Selected Excerpt on Homs

The Neolithic of the Levant (1978)
A.M.T. Moore [Oxford University]

Neolithic 3: (Pages 305 - 306)

PreHistory and Archaeology Glossary

HOMS Oline

Homs is strategically located at the fertile Orontes River between Damascus and Aleppo [Expedia Map]. It is very close to the coast and is not far from Hama to the north and Palmyra to the southeast. Homs is the only natural gateway from the Mediterranean coast to the interior.

Homs is an ancient city dating back to the year 2300 BC and was known in Roman times as Emesa. It contained a great temple to the sun god El Gebal and was ruled by a line of priest-kings throughout the Roman Empire; two of its nobility rose to become emperor - Elagabalus and Severus Alexande who ruled Rome from 193 to 211 .....

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