EpiPaleolithic Karim Shahir Culture in Iraqi Kurdistan
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Karim Shahir Culture

An open site on a terrace of the River Zab in Iraqi Kurdistan which has given its name to a culture dated circa 9000 - 7000 BC associated with the transition from a hunting and gathering economy to one based on farming. There is little evidence for permanent structures on Karim Shahir sites and most of them were probably occupied seasonally meaning they were nomadic and somewhat sedentary. At Karim Shahir clear proof was obtained both of the knowledge of grain cultivation in the form of sickle blades and of the baking of clay in the form of lightly fired clay figurines. The economy was based on hunting with some possible evidence of herding while the artefactual evidence also suggests an increased dependence on plant resources: blades with the silica sheen often described as sickle gloss and pierced stone balls which might have been weights for digging sticks and stone axes ..... (AHSFC)


Prehistoric Investigations in Iraqi Kurdistan
Robert J. Braidwood and Bruce Howe (1960)
The Oriental Institute (University of Chicago)
Pages 28 - 52 - 4 - etcetera ......

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