The Ancient Khabur (Habur) River Valley
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Khabur (Habur) River Valley

Tell Tuneinir Besides the Khabur River (Saint Louis Community College)

A tributary of the Euphrates River which provides an important communication route between Mesopotamia and Anatolia. Important prehistoric sites such as Tell Halaf, Tell Brak, Chagar Bazar, Tell Mashnaqa and Tell Tuneinir have been excavated in the Khabur basin. It has given its name to a distinctive painted ware found in Northern Mesopotamia and North Syria in the early 2nd millennium BC. Pottery of this type also occurs in level IB at Kultepe in Anatolia, indicating wide ranging trade at this time ..... (AHSFC)

Journal Article

The Halaf Environment and Human
Activities in the Khabur Drainage in Syria

Journal of Field Archaeology
Volume 19 - Pages 315-333 (1992)

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