Ancient Kultepe (Kanesh) in Turkey
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Ancient Kultepe Kanesh

KÜLTEPE: Old Age City Near Kayseri (Caglar Demirdogan)

Kultepe is located in central Anatolia in the Kayseri Plain of Cappodocia. In the Hittite language it is called Kanesh and the people were the Khatti. It was the center of the Assyrian trading colony during the Bronze Age and much of the Iron Age. Kultepe was politically independent but was under Assur rule for its trading post. Its great trading ability was the result of the many cities that surrounded it. Also, cities in other areas of Anatolia would come to Kultepe for its thriving market. Thus Kultepe consisted of peoples mixed of many cultures and languages .....

KÜLTEPE: Old Age City Near Kayseri
(Caglar Demirdogan)"

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