Ancient Tell Madaba in Jordan
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Ancient Tell Madaba

In the modern Middle East, with its long history of urbanism, the consequences of urban continuity present a daunting challenge to archaeological research. The city of Madaba, located 30 kilometers southwest of Amman amidst the fertile rolling plains of the Central Jordan Plateau, is a case in point. Continuing an urban tradition of some 5,000 years, the modern town engulfs the ancient settlement, preserved in the form of a large low-lying tell and acropolis (approximately 16 hectares in area at the base and 9 hectares at the summit) that still forms a visible rise in the town center. Yet, Madaba's historical prominence prevents us from ignoring its role in the rich and eventful history of Highland Central Jordan. The ancient urban core of Madaba, therefore, presents both a challenge and an opportunity to explore the complex remains of a site at the center of the cultural and political life of this region .....

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