PreHistoric Tell Matarrah (Samarran Culture) in Iraq
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Pre-Historic Tell Matarrah (Samarran Culture)

Matarrah was first thought to be a southern variant
of the Hassunan Culture by Braidwood .....

The site of Matarrah lies in the Kirkuk liwa of north central Iraq at a general elevation above sea level of about 220 metres. This location is some 34 kilometers south of the city of Kirkuk. The mound rises some eight metres above the surrounding plain. Excavations indicated that only about half of this elevation consisted of occupational debris, the lower core being a small natural hill. The plan profile of the mound is roughly ovoid and about 200 metres in diameter .....

Matarrah lies on the hilly flanks of the Fertile Crescent. It is on the edge of what is called the isohyet (200 mm rain per year) which determines the amount of winter rains sufficient to yield a grain crop without the need of irrigation .....

Matarrah: A Southern Variant of the Hassunan Assemblage
Robert Braidwood (Journal of Near Eastern Studies)
Volume 11 [1952] Library of Congress # DS 41 J6

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