Ancient Memphis in Egypt
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Ancient Memphis

Limestone Votive Stela of Ptah from Memphis

City of ancient Egypt situated on the west bank of the Nile 25 kilometers south of modern day Cairo. According to legends Memphis is supposed to be as old as united Egypt - founded by Menes - dating back to 3500 BC when it served as the administrative centre for southern and northern Egypt. Memphis was at this time located strategically at the apex of the Nile delta. Memphis is counted for being the first imperial city in world history. In the period of the Old Kingdom Memphis was the capital of Egypt. The necropolises further north of Memphis are the most impressive remains from this period - involving the Pyramids at Giza and at Saqqara. Memphis once again became an important city from the 25th dynasty and there are a number of great monuments in Memphis proper from this period. Under the Persians (525-404 BC) Memphis was the capital. Memphis survived as an important city until the Arab conquest in the 7th century when Cairo came to be constructed .....

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