Ancient Mendes (Tell Rubee) in Egypt
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Mendes (Tell Rubee)

Located in the actual Dakahlia Governorate Tell Robee surface is approximately 230 feddans and was the capital of the 16th Nome of Lower Egypt and the 29th Dynasty's capital; the Dynasty who fought back the Persian invasion. The area was known as Enebet in hieroglyph language, then Djedet, where the famous deity Amen Re was adorned in the shape of the Ram Khnoum represented in the human form with a ram head ......

Excavations at Mendes Or Tell El Rubee
The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities

Several texts suggest that some kind of upheaval resulting in civil disorder occurred at the end of the Old Kingdom. [But] until now, there has been no archaeological evidence of these events," said Donald Redford, professor of classics and Mediterranean studies at Penn State University. Redford has been excavating at MENDS, Egypt for the last decade ......

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