Ancient Nahal Tillah in the Negev Desert of Israel
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Ancient Nahal Tillah

Overview of rectilinear building complex built during the Early Bronze IB (3300 - 3000 BC) [University of California at San Diego]

The Nahal Tillah is a small secondary seasonal drainage which debauches into the larger Nahal Gerar and is located near the interface between the Irano-Turanian semi-arid and Mediterranean environmental zones of Israeli northern Negev and southern Shephelah .....

Recent excavations in Israel's northern Negev desert - carried out under the auspices of the new Nahal Tillah Regional Archaeology Project - are beginning to shed new light on the character of late Protodynastic and Early Dynastic Egyptian/Canaanite interaction circa 3300 - 3000 BC. Of key importance are new data concerning the role of one of the earliest historically known Egyptian kings - Narmer - in expansion of the Nile Valley civilization ......

Nahal Tillah (Regional Archaeological Project in Israel)

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