Ancient Kastron Mefaa (Mephaath) [Umm Rasas] in Jordan
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Ancient Kastron Mefaa (Mephaath) [Umm Rasas]

View of the extensive ruins of Umm Rasas Umm Rasas is a site located 30 kilometres (18 miles) southeast of Madaba in the steppe region of Jordan. The extensive and well-preserved ruins consist of a rectangular fortified camp or castrum. An open quarter of about the same size was found outside the castrum to the north .....

Mephaath is listed as one of the places on the Moab Plain. It was one of the Levitical towns that belonged to the tribe of Judah. The site is also identified with Kastron Mefaa by a mosaic Greek inscription from the Umayyad Period (661-750 AD) .....

The evidence collected in the first six campaigns indicates its outer quarter was occupied at least from the Iron Age II (seventh-sixth centuries BC) and again in the Roman-Nabatean Period. The town as a whole appears to have been largely abandoned by the late eighth or ninth century AD (Abbasid Period) .....

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