PreHistoric Shaar Hagolan (Yarmukian Culture) in Israel
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PreHistoric Shaar Hagolan

Shaar Hagolan: A Neolithic Village

The unique culture of Shaar Hagolan found has become known as known as the Yarmukian or Shaar Hagolan Culture. Excavations uncovered impressive remains of a neolithic village dating to 5500 - 5000 BC. The village spreads over hundreds of dunams (one dunam = 1/4 acre). It is located south of the Sea of Galilee on the bank of the Yarmuk River which flows into the Jordan just south of the site. Several buildings with rectangular and circular rooms were uncovered: the foundations consist of course fieldstones topped with loaf-shaped sun-dried mudbricks; the walls are sturdily constructed; the floors are beaten earth; and the ceilings were of straw and mud over wooden frames. A variety of vessels was found including flat basalt slabs and concave basalt mortars for domestic use .....

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Shaar Hagolan: A Neolithic Village

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