Ancient Shikhin (Asochis) in Lower Galilee (Israel)
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Ancient Shikhin (Asochis)

The Location and Identification of Ancient Shikhin (Asochis) [Colby College]

The northernmost two of the three small hills north-northwest of Sepphoris show clear evidence of occupation in antiquity. We identify these two hills as the site of ancient Shikhin (Asochis). The area of occupation extends over some 11 hectares .....

The surface survey of the site revealed modest remains of ancient structures. There are architectural fragments distributed about the site. Several of these fragments are now in re-use in the many modern terrace walls on the hill; others have tumbled down the slopes and lie at the base of the hill close to fields presently under cultivation .....

Certainly the Talmudic site of Shikhin was known to Josephus under the name Asochis. He mentions the site itself in only five passages of his writings but some interesting information appears which shows its location in relation to Sepphoris. Josephus reinforces our identification of Asochis with Talmudic Shikhin and with the 1988 survey site .....

We have seen from Josephus and the Rabbinic sources that Shikhin is surely a city or town in Galilee noted for its pottery industry and lying quite near Sepphoris. Furthermore Shikhin should be downhill from Sepphoris which is most economically interpreted as being at the foot of Sepphoris' own hill .....

Excavations at Sepphoris: The Location and Identification of Shikhin
James Strange et al in Israel Exploration Journal

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