Ancient Sos Hoyuk in Turkey
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Ancient Sos Hoyuk


A survey was undertaken to determine the extent of the ancient settlement activities associated with the site of Sos Hoyuk. Intensive field walking of the area was carried out with a wide range of artefacts and ceramics collected. Those fields which were under cultivation will be examined in future seasons .....


The concentration of pottery around the hoyuk, Area A, suggests that the main ancient settlement extended over an area more than 500 meters in diameter. Area B contained 22 possible stone grave circles. Six of these had been recently disturbed, revealing pieces of large pithoi, as well as some other ceramics. Our attention was drawn to Area C, where a pot was visible in the side of an irrigation ditch. Excavations revealed five in situ pots and some human bones, probably disturbed in antiquity. A Christian cemetery with upright irregular grave markers was noted further to the east. Throughout the survey area were numerous stone and obsidian flakes. Ceramics span the Early Bronze Age to Medieval periods, and include three painted Achaemenid sherds .....

Sos Hoyuk (The University of Melbourne)

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