Ancient Tantura Lagoon (Tel Dor) in Israel
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Ancient Tantura Lagoon (Tel Dor)

Archeological remains around Tantura (Palestine Remembered)

Tantura Lagoon is one of the few natural harbors along the long and straight Mediterranean coast of Israel. The cove has served as a port facility for Tel Dor - one of the largest ancient mounds in Israel - as well as for its immediate environs for at least 4000 years .....

The earliest known historical reference to Dor comes from an inscription in the temple at Amarna and dated to the reign of Ramesses II in the first halt of the 13th century BC. This inscription refers to a list of eastern Mediterranean coastal cities and among them is mentioned Dor as being found in Canaan.

Another Egyptian reference comes from a papyrus dated to the time of the Judges around 1100 BC. In the papyrus is told the story of Wen-Amon - an Egyptian official sent to Byblos to buy cedar wood for the construction of the sacred barge. On the way he made a stop at Dor - a town inhabited by Sikilians (one of the Sea Peoples) .....

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