Ancient Tilbes Hoyuk on the Euphrates River in SE Turkey
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Tilbes Hoyuk

Tilbes Hyk is a six hectare archaeological mound on the Euphrates River in the southeast Turkish Province of Urfa. The site is one of many that will be flooded by the reservoir waters of the Birecik Damn .....

Introduction, Background, and Site Description

Our project has as its main focus the third millenium, the period after early states and the first true cities originated in southern Mesopotamia (Uruk Period in the South, Late Chalcolithic in the northern regions). In the late fourth millenium BC some scholars proposed that these developing Southern cultures expanded into the North seeking raw materials. This time of increasing cultural contact is usually seen as a period of increasing social complexity in the North. Some argue that it is a period of cultural domination by the South. Others point to the complexity of so-called Pre-Contact Late Chalcolithic levels at sites like Hacinebi nearby Tilbes, Arslantepe upstream, Tell Brak across the border in Syria, and Tepe Gawra in Northern Iraq .....

Tilbes Hyk Project [Spanish Archaeological Mission to Turkey]

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