Ancient Tell Umayri (Abel Keramim) in Jordan
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Tell Al Umayri (Abel Keramim)

When Jephthah subdued the Ammonites, "he smote them ... as far as Abel Keramim" (Judges 11:33), the ruins of which today constitute Tall Umayri, a site in Jordan 7 miles south of Amman. Occupied from about 3000 to 500 B.C., the site has been linked with the Ammonite king Baalis (Jeremiah 40:14). During the Biblical period, the city served as an administrative center for the Ammonites. It was near their southern border with the Moabites.

In past seasons, excavators at Tall al-'Umayri, part of the Madaba Plains Project, have found an Early Bronze Age megalithic tomb, an Early Bronze Age jar containing more than 4,000 chickpeas, a jar handle stamped with the cartouche of Thutmose III (circa 1479-1425 B.C.), a late Iron Age acropolis and citadel, and a Persian administrative complex .....

Tell El Umrayi (Walla Walla College)

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