Ancient Umma (Tell Jokha) Dynastic Period Sumer (Iraq)
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Ancient Umma (Tell Jokha)

Iraqi Department of Antiquity excavation of huge Ur III (circa 2100 BC) temple/palace complex at Umma [Oriental Institute]

A city-state with an important occupation in the Early Dynastic Period of Sumer, Umma is perhaps best known from its generations long battle with the city-state of Lagash over border territory and water. Never scientifically excavated it was subject to apparently large scale illicit excavations in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many late 3rd millennium B.C. tablets from Umma are spread over the world in various collections. King Lugalzagesi of Umma succeeded in unifying Sumer briefly but enjoyed his triumph for no more than 25 years when he was defeated by Sargon of Akkad who established an empire long remembered among the Mesopotamians .....

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Umma (Tell Jokha) [ANONYMOUS]

Seal from cylindrical stone from Umma dated 2350 BC

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