Pre-Historic Tell Uqair in Mesopotamia (Iraq)
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Pre-Historic Tell Uqair

Early Excavations at Tell Uqair

A tell site 80 kilometers south of Baghdad excavated by an Iraqi team in the early 1940s. These excavations uncovered a settlement of the Ubaid Period and a temple of the Uruk Period. This temple has a tripartie plan and is very similar to the White Temple in the Anu sanctuary at Uruk itself. lt is distinguished by the occurrence of fine polychrome wall paintings with human and animal figures. Fish offerings suggest that this temple might have been dedicated to Enki. A small subsidiary chapel later in date than the temple itself contained a fine collection of pots of Jemdet Nasr style and four clay tablets inscribed with pictographic symbols of the kind in use in the Jemdet Nasr Period .....

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Uqair : Volume 73 : Pages 778-90

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