The Ancient Wadi Arabah in the Rift Valley
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Wadi Arabah: Part of the Rift Valley

Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project

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Wadi Araba extends circa 165 kilometers north from the Red Sea to the escarpment overlooking the Southern Ghor of the Dead Sea and the width of the valley ranges from circa 10 kilometers to 30 kilometers. Along the length of the center of Wadi Araba runs the boundary between the modern states of Israel and Jordan .....

Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project

Wadi Arabah begins at the southern end of the Dead Sea and extends southward for 112 miles to the Gulf of Aqabah. It is an arid depression from six to twelve miles wide -- in reality a continuation of the Great Rift Valley -- this section has been known from ancient Biblical times as the Arabah. Beginning at 1292 feet below sea level the valley gradually ascends as it goes southward for 67 miles to a watershed which rises 660 feet above sea level. From here it quickly descends until 45 miles further southward it reaches the Gulf of Aqabah at Ezion Geber. Surface explorations along with minor digs carried on by Doctor Nelson Glueck revealed a number of ruined villages and many copper and silver mines from which ore was dug in the time of Solomon (900 - 1000 B.C) and during the time of the Nabateans (300 BC to AD 100) .....

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