Ancient Ya'amun Funerary Area in North Jordan
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Ancient Tell Ya'amun

Excerpts and Definitions and Addendums:

Overview: The site of Ya'amun is a multicomponent site 30 kilometres southeast of Irbid in north Jordan with occupation evidence for all of the Bronze Age - Iron Age - Roman - Byzantine and Islamic periods .....

Paved Corridor from the Late Bronze Age (University of Arkansas and Yarmouk University)

Thirty-thre tombs were excavated and an additional 76 were identified through the course of the site survey. All of the 33 excavated tombs in three necropoli showed signs of having been robbed. Twenty-nine of the excavated tombs produced human skeletal remains while 25 produced various types of objects. Assessment of the remains - including whole ceramic vessels - indicates that five of the tombs are from the Early - Middle - or Late Bronze Age periods while the remaining 28 are from the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods.

Excavators also explored two trenches down the side of the tell (mound) adjacent to the site's circle of necropoli; the sherds from these trenches attest to the continued occupation of the site from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period .....

Joint Yarmouk University and University of Arkansas Project

Further Publications are Forthcoming .....

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