PreHistoric Yabroud (Yabrud) in Syria
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Ancient Yabroud (Yabrud)

The original article on the subject was: [1950]
Die Hohlenfunde von Jabrud Syrien (Alfred Rust)

Selected Excerpt on Yabroud

The Mousterian Industries of
Yabroud Shelter I: A Reconsideration
Rose Solecki and Ralph Solecki

GN 772.2 M6 D53 1995

Pre-History and Archaeology Glossary

Yabroud (Bab Souria) Yabroud is located 75 kilometres north of Damascus. It is the site of the Iskafta Cave, one of the most ancient prehistoric caves; Yabroud Temple, once a pagan temple and later a cathedral; and Deir Marmusa Habashi, famous for its frescos and various archaeological inscriptions Maps by .....

Studies of the sediments of some cave sites in the Levant have shown that these were deposited under the prevailing cooler climate of the last glaciation. This is most apparent at the inland sites of Jerf Ajla and Yabrud which were affected by continental conditions. It is also believed that the top five metres of deposit at Yabrud I, which includes the Mousterian layers, was laid down under cooler conditions .....

The Neolithic of the Levant
A.M.T. Moore - Oxford University (1978)

..... The Yabrudian variant of the Near Eastern Mousterian was characterized by double and triple canted side-scrapers, side-scrapers with blades converging to the top, small retouched flakes, denticulates and notched tools and low frequencies of hand-axes .....


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